Web application based, innovative, secure, and customizable Video Surveys

Obtain informed consent, data integrity, and customer feedback while simultaneously limiting liability, improving your customer experience, and more with our automated video surveys. Simply text a link to your customer's personal device!

A New Way To Verify Agreements & Information
Make your business more scalable with our innovative video surveys.
Pre Recorded Video Questions
Record Audio, Video, And Touch Responses
Personalized To The User
Mobile, PC and Mac Supported
Create Your Own Dynamic Surveys
With our simple step-by-step survey creation tool, you have control over your creative solutions.
Create a series of questions quickly with our Survey Creation Tool.
Manage your surveys hassle-free.
Easily Manage Survey Reports
Have the power to analyze survey analytics and data to understand your customers.
Surveys completed
Surveys sent
Custom settings
Keep Away From Paper With E-Sign
Securely allow your customers to sign documents electronically. Attach E-Sign documents to video surveys to optimize the customer experience.
Create secure documents
Multiple users can sign a single document
View or download documents
Completed video verification surveys.
1 Million+
Yearly communications sent.
3rd party integrations.


"Accord's Third Party Verification tool has transformed our business! We've saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in call center wages while simultaneously insuring we have accurate customer information and that our customers are fully informed of their buying commitments. It has proven helpful with customer de-escalation as well as improving our overall customer experience. Our sales and technician representatives in the field rave about using it rather than waiting in a call queue. We now have the capability to scale quickly without needing to accurately forecast call center personnel."

Adam Schanz

CEO Alder Security

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