All-in-one management suite for security sales businesses.

As your business grows, add Pando to your toolkit and choose from our software suite. With Pando, you get innovative software to make your business processes efficient whether you’re in sales or the CEO.

Accounts Managed with Pando

Sales App

Our all-inclusive app allows your sales force to onboard customers in a matter of minutes. Create customer accounts, check credit, setup billing, build their package, complete pre-install checks and more all within our sales app.

Onboarding App

The days of paper packets are over. Simply send your friend an invitation to the app and it will walk the new employee step-by-step through the onboarding experience in minutes. Gather their contact information, payment details, forms of ID and much more.

Pre-Install Survey

There’s no need for dozens of call center agents when one app can do it all. Our proprietary pre-install survey software which is built into our sales app eliminates any calls to verify the customers information while also protecting the company from liability. With a series of a few simple automated questions, the customer is asked to confirm their information in their new account by voice and the touch of a button. All while being recorded.

Customer Relationship Management Platform

Build lasting relationships with your customers by providing your agents personalized and timely access to customer data with Pando. It goes full circle. From the boots on the ground to the support on the phone, the information from all our apps is held securely in our relationship management platform.

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