How It Works

Video survey links are sent to customers by email or text message.

No app download necessary, simply follow one easy link
Works on Andriod, iOS and PC
Automate surveys to replace call center expenses
Scale your business without compromising customer experience
Quick And Easy Setup
Quickly generate and send video surveys to customers.
Create a survey
With our Survey Management Tool, create your custom video survey
Add questions and media
An easy-to-use interface allows you to create custom questions and attach media
Send newly created surveys to customers
Surveys can be executed via mobile or desktop web browsers
Customer receives the video survey
Send surveys to clients via email or text
Real Time Data At Your Fingertips
Access individual and aggregate customer data at any time with our reporting tool. Playback completed surveys.
Manage completed surveys
Download important documents
View survey video recordings
Share your reports
Benefits With Accord
Cost Reduction
Minimize payroll
Save Time
phone calls and paperwork
Data Integrity
Ensure data is accurate
and manageable
Legal Liability
Protect your business and
customers from legal action
Optimize internal operations in
preparation for growth
User Experience
Increase customer trust, satisfaction, and
ease of use

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you take a survey?

Surveys can be completed on a web browser, either on your mobile device or computer. A link is sent that directs to a customized web app based video survey

Which web browsers are supported?

Safari, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge are currently supported, with others being added

What data is collected during a survey?

Video and audio recordings, answer selections, location, device and browser information.

Which devices are supported?

Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows devices.

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